Picking the Best Fabric Cleaners, Cleaning Products, and Protectants
Your guide to selecting the right cleaners and protectants for fabrics and hard surfaces
303 Fabric Guard products left to right: 1 small spray bottle, 1 jug of liquid, 1 large spray bottle
Introduction to Fabric Cleaners

It's no mystery that fabrics left out in the elements collect grime faster. This is why cleanliness is especially important for awnings, boat covers, patio furniture, and other related projects that often require deep cleaning for tough stains. Even indoor furniture like upholstered chairs and sofas accumulate dirt from frequent use - whether it's food stains, pet messes, or an accidental spill of red wine. Some fabrics can be cleaned with a DIY water and bleach cleaning solution, but often a specially formulated cleaning product is your best option for stain removal or to generally freshen the fabric. Protect your investment by keeping fabrics well maintained.

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Fabric Cleaners
5 panel images left to right: small 303 Fabric Guard spray, Sunbrella Clean Spray, 303 Fabric Guide gallon jug, Sunbrella Extract aerosol, and large 303 Fabric Guard spray

The best fabric cleaners provide effective but gentle cleaning power. Whether you're looking for a deep cleaning solution to remove tough stains or a simple spot clean, the products listed below will get the job done. Read on for recommended upholstery cleaners and other fabric cleaners by brand or project.

Best Fabric Cleaner Brands
2 NON PFA cleaners left to right: Sunbrella Clean spray and Sunbrella Extract aeroso

The following brands are some of the best fabric cleaners on the market for performance fabrics, sofas, outdoor cushions, marine fabric, awning fabric, and more. Read more about each brand and the products they offer.

  • 303®
  • Sunbrella®
  • IMAR
  • IOSSO®
  • Hard Surface Cleaners & Multi-Purpose Cleaners
    hardware Parts

    The best all-purpose cleaners for hard surfaces are usually compatible for use with multiple materials. Whether you need a quick polish or thorough rust removal, the multi-surface cleaners below offer a solution. Keep reading for the best multi-purpose cleaners by brand or material.

    Top Multi-Surface Cleaner Brands
    yacht polish

    The following brands are some of the best multi-surface cleaners on the market for plastics, metals, and more. Read more about each brand and the products they offer.

  • 303®
  • IMAR
  • IOSSO®
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaning Solutions by Project

    Certain cleanings solutions are developed for use with specific kinds of hard surfaces and other materials. Here are the cleaners we recommend for the following cleaning projects.

    Cleaner Coverage

    Depending on the formula, different cleaners cover different surface areas. See below to find coverage for several of the most widely used cleaning products.

    Solutions to Common Cleaning Problems

    Some stains, soils, and marks are more difficult to remove than others. See below for tips and tricks on cleaning processes to overcoming some common cleaning obstacles.

  • How do I remove tough stains from fabric?
  • How do I remove clouding in my clear vinyl fabric?
  • How do I prevent clouding in my clear vinyl fabric?
  • How do I get white lines and crazing out of fabric?
  • How do I prepare fabric before cleaning?
  • How do I prevent pinking on boat seating fabric?
  • Cleaning Do's and Don'ts
    • Always remove dirt and debris from fabric before cleaning
    • Blot (don’t rub) liquid spills with a clean, dry cloth
    • Always wear gloves and clean in a well-ventilated area
    • Always follow instructions provided for each cleaning product
    • If you're unsure if a cleaning product is compatible, test the cleaner on a small area of the fabric first
    • 303 products should not be used on Strataglass or CrystalClear clear vinyl
    • Use of any cleaner or polish product other than IMAR Strataglass Protective Cleaner and Polish voids the Strataglass factory warranty
    • Protectant products will not repair already existing damage

    The purpose of this guide is to give fabricators some general guidelines and product information. Read all our Product Guides.

    This guide should not be considered as the sole source of information on cleaners. This guide is strictly informational.

    More cleaning questions? Reach out and let us know how we can help!

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