HAR Vinyl To Vinyl Adhesive 728 4-oz Brushtop Can


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A medium, fast-drying solvent-based synthetic resin adhesive designed primarily for bonding supported or unsupported vinyl fabric to itself or to various porous and non-porous materials. This cement is not recommended for laminates. (Adhesive 730 should be used for vinyl laminated fabrics.) Adhesive 728 may also be used for bonding polyurethane, canvas, synthetic fabrics, leather, metals, wood, glass, rigid plastics and some foams. Adhesive 728 applies easily with a brush, roller or spray gun. Adhesive 728 can be used on tarpaulins, awnings, tents, covers, drop cloths, liners, tops, textile bags and in truck and boat repair kits. One gallon covers approximately 250 to 300 square feet of surface area. Adhesive can be thinned with MEK or Acetone.

Subject to special handling charge by shippers. ICC Shipping Classification: Adhesive Cements, NOIBN, flammable liquid.

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