The Need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We are seeing many customers produce creative solutions for personal protective equipment (PPE) that might be used by healthcare providers in their local communities and beyond. We encourage those companies that remain open during this time to reach out, network, and see if there is opportunity to help.

How can we work together to help?


  1. We encourage our customers to reach out in your local community to healthcare organizations, first responders, etc. and determine PPE items in need. What do they need and in what quantities?

  2. For the items in need, determine your capabilities to produce the items and any approvals required by the end user.

  3. Reach out to Trican and we will work together to determine available inputs that might be used to produce the protective gear in need and offer collaboration on design and material selections.

1. Face Shields

The following materials may be used in the creation of face shields.

2. Face Masks

These fabrics may be appropriate for use in homemade isolation-type masks. 


3. Gowns

The following fabrics may be appropriate for use in protective gowns:

4. Accessory Items

These items may be able to be used in the production of protective face masks, face shields, gowns, or other PPE devices.

It is great to see our industry rally to support healthcare providers during this time of need. The Trican team is a resource for you and we welcome any opportunities to collaborate, using our collective resources and capabilities to keep our healthcare providers safe.

If we can help supply you with materials for related projects, please call us at 1-800-387-2851 or email us at Please include your name, your company name, and where you are located.

Thanks for your support,
The Trican Team

Please Note: Some products that Trican carries have been used in the production of face masks, face shields, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) devices. However, some of these products have not been formally approved for such use. Medical face masks require certification and must be in compliance with the relevant ASTM testing standards and the Canadian Medical Devices Regulation for the manufacturing and sale of a finished mask project.

Sunbrella fabrics are not part of a program for Canadian Medical-certified masks and other PPE devices, but Sunbrella upholstery fabric may be appropriate for use in homemade isolation-type masks. In settings where appropriate face masks are not available, homemade isolation masks for care of patients with COVID-19 may be used as a last resort.

Several fabrics we carry could be appropriate for use in isolation gowns. As each healthcare provider may differ in its requirements, we suggest contacting the specific healthcare provider directly to understand their needs and expectations.


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