M840 Snapmaster Setting Punch #4301 for 16205 DOT Lift-The-Dot Socket


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DOT setting punch #4301 allows for a swift install and durable hold. For use with the Snapmaster M840 hand press, the heavy-duty punch is best-suited for installing Lift-the-DOT 90-16205 and 90-16206 sockets. Applications include boat covers, boat seats, gear bags, luggage, outdoor fabric, tents, and awnings. Complete your set of performance upholstery tools with DOT setting punches.

The Snapmaster M840 hand press incorporates many bench and foot press features in a portable, cost-effective tool. It's ideal for installing DOT Durable, Pull-the-DOT, Lift-the-DOT, and curtain fasteners. Replacement parts available in our hardware section.

Scovill’s DOT product line has provided durability and quality for more than 100 years. All fasteners are made in the USA.
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