Your Complete Guide to Awnings
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Introduction to Awnings

This guide is intended to provide a general overview of awning supplies, design, basic installation techniques, cleaning tips, and more. Whether you're new to awning fabrication or you're a veteran of the awning industry, we hope you'll find some value in the information below.

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Awning Supplies

Fabricators and engineers know that even the most basic awnings require a considerable amount of supplies to complete. Trican® works hard to source all the awning supplies you need, from fabric to hardware to cleaning solutions.

The products we carry suit applications for fixed window awnings, retractable awnings, patio coverage, residential shade, commercial canopies, and umbrellas. These materials are built to withstand wind, snow, rain, and sun.

Explore our offerings below in awning fabric, hardware, tools, trim, thread, cleaning supplies, and more for your next awning or canopy project.

Awning Fabric
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The most important element in making an awning stand out is the fabric. If you're wondering where to buy awning fabric, we carry over 800 styles in our awning fabric selection. We carry trusted brands, like Sunbrella®, Dickson, Herculite, Serge Ferrari, Phifer, and Glen Raven®. The outdoor awning fabrics can be used as awning replacement fabric or for new structures.

They feature benefits like flame resistance, water resistance, dimensional stability, mold and mildew resistance, UV protection, printability, and heat-sealing ability. For carefree assembly and maintenance, these awning fabric materials are durable and easy to clean.

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  • Awning Hardware & Tools
  • Featured Hardware
  • Beyond awning hardware parts, we also offer the tools needed to carry out your everyday tasks.

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  • Awning Braid & Trim
    blue spools of awning braid

    The right awning braid adds reinforced support and a finished look (ideal for valance binding). Find the style and performance features you need with our awning trim products. We supply 100 varieties in decorative awning braid to best match your color scheme and project size. With a low profile, these woven awning braids are long lasting, colorfast, and offer a smooth edge.

    Lacing Line
    neoline polyester cord white

    Lightweight rope and cord are great for awning models that require lacing and tying. Made with high-grade materials, these awning lace products offer high strength and low stretch for years of service.

    Gore thread-7

    Nearly all our sewing thread and pre-wound bobbins are suited for outdoor awning applications. They offer attributes like UV protection, bleed and fade resistance, lubrication, and anti-wicking treatment. We carry mostly left twist threads with some available in a right twist (used on a double needle sewing machine).

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  • Cleaners and Protectants
    various cleaners and protectants

    Protect and maintain your awning—before and after installation—with the proper cleaners and protectants. Shop reliable awning cleaning products, protective sprays, and tape through Trican.

    Common Awning Designs

    There are many different ways to design an awning. The style will depend on your specific project. Is it for a commercial or residential application? Do you need it to be stationary or retractable? How big of a space are you working with?

    Need help with your design? Let our Awning Composer software help you finish your next project in half the time.

    How to Install an Awning

    There are many types of awnings, including but not limited to the following.

  • Types of Awnings
  • There are, however, some basic rules of thumb when making any fabric awning.

  • Rules of Thumb
  • How to Clean an Awning

    There are some general guidelines for cleaning any awning fabric, including window awnings, camper and RV awnings, and more:

    • Remove and rinse off dirt, dust, and debris from the awning fabric before cleaning
    • You can use a cleaning product formulated for awning fabrics or create your own with mild soap and warm water (Sunbrella awning fabric may be cleaned with a bleach and water solution for stubborn stains, mold, and mildew)
    • If you're unsure if a cleaning product is compatible, test the cleaner on a small area of the fabric first
    • Do not use harsh chemical products
    • Always follow instructions provided for each cleaning product
    • Wear gloves and clean in a well-ventilated area
    • Use a soft scrub brush or cloth to wash then rinse thoroughly and hang to dry
    • Do not pressure wash as this can damage the fabric
    • To extend the time between cleanings, use a fabric protectant
    Common Awning Questions
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  • How do I lace a fabric awning?
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  • What is the best type of fabric to make awnings?
  • Can I use Sunbrella awning/marine fabric for a cushion?
  • Which awning fabrics are waterproof?
  • Does Trican sell any backlit fabric wider than 78?
  • Where can I purchase Awning Composer?
  • How do I clean aluminum awning parts?
  • What materials are best for awning hardware and frame parts?
  • References & Related Notes

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    The purpose of this guide is to give fabricators some general guidelines and product information.

    This guide should not be considered as the sole source of information on awnings and should not be considered as advice or instructions on how to build awnings. This guide is strictly informational.

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